Exploring Grand Haven: 16 Reasons to Visit Grand Haven

A Guide to Michigan’s Best Small Beach Town

Grand Haven, MI, is one of the best small beach towns in the U.S. according to Trips to Discover, and for good reason. With its stunning beaches, charming downtown, and friendly locals, there are countless reasons to visit this West Michigan gem. Here are 16 must-dos and hidden gems to check out during your visit:


  1. Hit the beach: Grand Haven State Park’s sandy shore stretches for miles and has been rated one of the best beaches in the Midwest.
  2. Walk the pier: The Grand Haven Pier offers stunning views of Lake Michigan and the lighthouse at the end is a great spot for photos.
  3. Visit the Musical Fountain: This synchronized water and light show is a local favorite and takes place every night during the summer months.
  4. Explore the downtown: Grab a coffee or ice cream and wander the charming streets of downtown Grand Haven.
  5. Climb the dunes: Take a short drive to nearby Hoffmaster State Park and climb the towering sand dunes for breathtaking views of Lake Michigan.
  6. Bike the Lakeshore Trail: This scenic bike path runs along the coast for miles and is a great way to see the area.
  7. Try the local cuisine: Grand Haven has a great food scene, with options ranging from fresh seafood to burgers and fries.
  8. Shop for local goods: Check out the Grand Haven Farmers Market or the many local shops for unique souvenirs and gifts.
  9. Visit the lighthouse: The Grand Haven Lighthouse is a historic landmark and offers great photo opportunities.
  10. Go fishing: Lake Michigan is known for its excellent fishing, so why not cast a line and see what you can catch?
  11. Check out the Coast Guard Festival: This annual event celebrates the Coast Guard and features a carnival, parade, and more.
  12. Take a sunset sail: Several local companies offer sunset cruises on Lake Michigan, which provide stunning views of the shoreline.
  13. Explore the dunes by ATV: If hiking isn’t your thing, try exploring the dunes by ATV for a thrilling adventure.
  14. Learn about local history: Visit the Tri-Cities Historical Museum to learn about the history of the area and its people.
  15. Attend a concert: The Grand Haven waterfront hosts several free concerts during the summer months.
  16. Visit Grand Haven’s Haunted Sites: The Kirby House: This historic building is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former employee who passed away on the premises. Visitors have reported seeing apparitions and experiencing strange occurrences. Also, the Grand Haven Lighthouse: The lighthouse is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a former keeper who died on duty. Visitors have reported hearing unexplained noises and seeing ghostly apparitions.

As you can see, Grand Haven has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach vacation or an action-packed adventure, this charming small town won’t disappoint. So pack your bags and head to Grand Haven for a summer you’ll never forget!


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